Oscars Sunday 2017: The Best Pictures

Friends, we have made it to Oscar Sunday – the Super Bowl of the Berglund household and the event we love and love to hate and hate to love. We will be rooting for our favorites and will inevitably be crushed by the choices of the Academy, but it will be a fun ride no matter what. Get ready for Jimmy Kimmel’s dry humor, overpriced dresses, awkward interviews, anti-Trump acceptance speeches (yaaaas!), and La La Land … Continue reading

Oscars Eve 2017: The Best of Directors

I have heard people ask why picks for best direction do not always directly align with the best films. After all, if directors are in charge of overseeing and fostering the final product, why wouldn’t a director be assessed solely on the basis of that final product? It is a good question with a complicated answer. The reality is that film is not like other artistic mediums – like theater, it is a collaborative art form that succeeds … Continue reading

The Tenth Day of Oscar 2017: The Best of Leading Actresses

For the second year in a row, the leading ladies have a far deeper roster of stellar performances than the men. We were remiss to leave out a handful of memorable performances – namely Kate Beckinsale (Love & Friendship), Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch), Hailee Steinfeld (The Edge of Seventeen), and Sally Field (Hello, My Name is Doris). So who did we include? Find out by scrolling through the videos clips below from our Oscar picks and favorite leading … Continue reading

The Ninth Day of Oscar 2017: The Best of Leading Actors

Iconic leading men have transformed from the suave gentlemen of the Hollywood studio era to an eclectic mix of personalities able to capture a diverse range of emotion and complexity. This year’s nominees contain only one traditional heartthrob (hello, Mr. Gosling) while being filled with flawed figures. We like this trend, but did we agree with the Academy’s choices? Find out by scrolling through the videos clips below from our Oscar picks and favorite leading male performances … Continue reading

The Eighth Day of Oscar 2017: The Best of Supporting Actresses

Something that may or may not mean anything – every supporting actress nominee this year plays the role of a mother, while none of the nominated supporting actors played a father. Interestingly, looking back at previous years, there is no trend to this. Hey, give us a break, we have to write something here as an intro. Scroll through the videos below for clips from our Oscar picks and favorite supporting female performances from the … Continue reading