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999706_10200557694886484_933960870_nMovie Matrimony is a film criticism collaboration between husband and wife team David and Chelsea Berglund.  Being long-time cinephiles, they have a passion to digest the films they consume, and find that this is best done in good company – the company of a loving spouse. By providing film reviews and analysis in a conversational format, they hope to stimulate meaningful interactions and invite all readers to contribute their thoughts.

They also love the stage and contribute Twin Cities theater criticism for HowWasTheShow.com

David and Chelsea currently live in Minneapolis, MN and have been married for close to seven years. They have a wonderful housemate and good friend named Dustin and the most precious white cat in existence named Lily.

David loves to eat, which is perfect because Chelsea loves to cook and blogs on her passion for food at withaplum.com

If you would like to contact Movie Matrimony, please reach out to david.e.berglund@gmail.com. If you like what you read, please spread the word, follow us on twitter (@moviematrimony), and/or like our facebook group (facebook.com/moviematrimony).

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