Ten Great Movie Hugs

As tears emanating from a complex mix of emotions streamed down my face watching the family of Pixar’s Inside Out embrace in the story’s climactic moment, I was viscerally reminded how great hugs are, and how powerfully they can communicate. This scene now represents, for me, one of the greatest moments of catharsis in movie history, and it got me thinking – what are other great cinematic hugs? I’m not talking romantic embraces, but hugs that communicate something more than … Continue reading

Top Ten Reasons Not to See Mad Max: Fury Road

#10 You are bored and you like it that way, thank you very much. #9 When it comes to George Miller, there better well be some talking animals, dammit. #8 You are unfamiliar with the concept of the automobile. #7 A roving band of kick-ass older women? Not that old trope again. #6 You are not sure how you feel about this whole moving pictures fad. #5 Grinning? Not your thing. #4 You are currently giving … Continue reading

Gender Roles – An Analysis of Best Picture Leading Parts

It is well known that Hollywood has an issue with females – as recent as 2012, only 9% of films were directed by women, 15% were written by women, 2% were shot by women, and 20% were cut by women (see study here). Even if we are extremely generous in assuming that these percentages mirror the percentages within the population skilled and looking for work in film production, we still have a major problem. In short, we must consider how this … Continue reading

Reflections of a Normie: David Attends an Anime Convention

David recently went to an anime convention with his sister Erica, who is what those in the know would call an “otaku” (someone who really loves anime and other such things).  It took place over three days, and David attended one and one half of them – Friday night and all day Saturday.  During that time, he attended panels, judged a video contest, and cosplayed. This interview details his experience at the convention.  Keep in … Continue reading