Oscars Sunday 2017: The Best Pictures

Friends, we have made it to Oscar Sunday – the Super Bowl of the Berglund household and the event we love and love to hate and hate to love. We will be rooting for our favorites and will inevitably be crushed by the choices of the Academy, but it will be a fun ride no matter what. Get ready for Jimmy Kimmel’s dry humor, overpriced dresses, awkward interviews, anti-Trump acceptance speeches (yaaaas!), and La La Land … Continue reading

Oscars Sunday 2016: The Best Pictures

After excessively bloviating and waxing poetic about the past year in film, we decided to once again keep things more concise for our top tens. Here are our respective lists, accompanied by reviews of Twitter-appropriate lengths.  And 100 Intriguing, Eligible Films Neither of Us Could Catch… ’71 99 Homes A Wolf at the Door About Elly All Things Must Pass American Ultra Amour Fou Ant Man Approaching the Elephant Appropriate Behavior Best of Enemies Black Coal, Thin Ice … Continue reading

Ten Great Movie Hugs

As tears emanating from a complex mix of emotions streamed down my face watching the family of Pixar’s Inside Out embrace in the story’s climactic moment, I was viscerally reminded how great hugs are, and how powerfully they can communicate. This scene now represents, for me, one of the greatest moments of catharsis in movie history, and it got me thinking – what are other great cinematic hugs? I’m not talking romantic embraces, but hugs that communicate something more than … Continue reading

Top Ten Reasons Not to See Mad Max: Fury Road

#10 You are bored and you like it that way, thank you very much. #9 When it comes to George Miller, there better well be some talking animals, dammit. #8 You are unfamiliar with the concept of the automobile. #7 A roving band of kick-ass older women? Not that old trope again. #6 You are not sure how you feel about this whole moving pictures fad. #5 Grinning? Not your thing. #4 You are currently giving … Continue reading

The Twelfth, and Final, Day of Oscar – The Best Films of 2014

After excessively bloviating and waxing poetic about the year that was 2014, we decided to keep things more concise for our top tens. Here are our respective lists, accompanied by reviews of Twitter-appropriate lengths.  And 100 Other Intriguing Films We Did Not Have a Chance to See… A Field in England A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night Actress Alan Partridge Art and Craft Begin Again Belle Bethlehem Beyond the Lights Big Eyes Big Hero 6 Captain … Continue reading

Oscars Preview Finale – Our 2013 Top Tens!

Chels and I have written ad nauseam on this year’s films, so we decided that for our top tens, we could keep things to Twitter length.  That’s right, here are our respective top ten films, with our explanations all under 144 characters.  As a bonus, we also included our favorite films we viewed in 2013, but that were produced in a prior year.  NOW, we are ready for the Oscars.  We hope you are, too. … Continue reading

David’s Top Ten – #1 – 8 1/2 (Fellini, 1963)

1. 8 1/2 – Federico Fellini, 1963 I have yet to see a character study more complex, challenging, or innovative than Federico Fellini’s 8 ½.  While it is not the most perfect film I have ever seen, it is the most cinematically exciting, fluidly interweaving moments pulled from its filmmaker-protagonist Guido’s dreams, daydreams, memories, and present realities while also commenting on the nature of the creative process, both for an artist and an audience.  It is … Continue reading

Chelsea’s Top Ten – #1 – Ordet (Dreyer, 1955)

1. Ordet – Carl Theodor Dreyer, 1955 When I first read about Ordet, I knew immediately I would really like it.  When we finally got ahold of a copy of a DVD at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee library, my suspicions were confirmed.  We watched it, loved it, discussed it, told everyone about it, and subsequently watched all of the other Dreyer films we could get our hands on.  Based on a play by … Continue reading

David’s Top Ten – #2 – Citizen Kane (Welles, 1941)

2.  Citizen Kane – Orson Welles, 1941 Citizen Kane is so commonly called “The Greatest Film Ever Made” that it is tempting to scoff at this label out of hand and stubbornly defy the pressure to conform to such widespread applause.  After all, few are apt to admit their tastes align with so many, and certainly no film could deserve such uniformly lofty praise. This contrarian impulse is, of course, rather silly considering the film’s … Continue reading

Chelsea’s Top Ten – #2 – Vertigo (Hitchcock, 1958)

2.  Vertigo – Alfred Hitchcock, 1958 When I was about 8 years old, my parents introduced me to the great Alfred Hitchcock by scaring the pants off my little brother and I with The Birds.  Following that, they continued to show us some classics, and we begged for more: watching North by Northwest, Notorious, Rope, and more.  We loved them all (although we thought Rope was boring), and I forever considered Hitchcock one of my … Continue reading